My husband and I hired

My husband and I hired Sanchez Home Improvement to complete our unfinished basement project after a horrible experience with a previous contractor who lied about their skill set and took our money! He left with no notice and multiple areas incomplete and very poorly constructed! After consulting with other contractors, no one really wanted to come behind and fix the numerous mistakes and complete the job. We were so grateful to Yuri for even taking on the project! I was actually a little embarrassed because Sanchez was one of the original contractors who came out and gave an estimate when we first started this venture (so to have to call him back was a little awkward). I know he probably laughed at me, thinking if I had hired him from the beginning, I wouldn’t be in this mess! lol Sanchez and his staff were very professional, skilled, accommodating, helpful, timely, hardworking and gave us a fair price! They were respectful, considerate and cleaned up after every area was complete. They take pride in a job well done and go out of their way to make sure the customer’s expectation/vision is met! Yuri is very personable and hilarious! After being terribly heartbroken and frustrated with my previous experience, I must say it was a pleasure doing business with Yuri and his guys! Everyone absolutely loves our basement and wants to have everything here now! Considering all of the errors they had to correct, Sanchez Home Improvement did an excellent job in completing our basement and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for an honest and reasonably priced contractor! I will definitely keep them in mind for any future projects! :-):-):-)